I am currently a non-tenure track Assistant Professor in Psychology at Salem State University, where I teach, advise, and do research as a full-time faculty member in the Master of Science in Behavior Analysis Program.

Thank you for visiting and please contact me at the following address: kjacobs@salemstate.edu


My interests include the various theories of reinforcement in behavior analysis, research methods and statistics in psychology, and language and cognition from a behavior analytic perspective.

My research involves the use of randomization tests and single-case experimental design to make causal inferences about behavior-change. I also use the Python programming language to build experiments with PsychoPy. Go to my GitLab to find publicly available projects for the study of Free-Operant Behavior Online (FOBO).


University of Nevada, Reno

Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology May 2018

Temple University

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology May 2012


I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and behavior analysis: General Psychology, Research Methods, Learning, Behavioral Principles, Radical Behaviorism, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior, and Special Topics. I use active learning methods such as interteaching.

Current Courses

PSY 210: Introduction to Learning

PSY 540: Topics in Psychology (Subjectivity in Brain and Behavior)

PSY 545: Seminar in Learning Theory (Science and Human Behavior in Contemporary Society)

PSY 715: Behavioral Principles of Learning

PSY 830: Small N Research Design & Analysis

PSY 875: Directed Study

PSY 899: Psychology Master's Thesis I

PSY 997: Special Topics in Behavior Analysis (The Analysis of Complex Verbal Relations)

Disequilibrium Resources

Response Disequilibrium Theory (RDT) & Response Disequilibrium Treatment (RDTx)

Timberlake (1980) equilibrium theory.pdf


Jacobs et al. (2019) predictions.pdf


Jacobs et al. (2017) practice.pdf


Dowdy & Jacobs (2019) empirical evaluation.pdf

An Empirical Evaluation

McFall et al. (2019) clinical cases.pdf

Clinical Case Studies

Falligant & Rooker (2020) further analysis.pdf

Further Analysis & Application